Yeh Pakistan Hai….!!

Written By: Labesh Kumar

A person breaks the traffic signal, when you ask him why you did so. Yeh Pakistan hai…yahan hota hai yeh sab, this would be reply. A Person spits paan wherever he wishes be it a wall or floor, when you ask him why is he doing this, his reply definitely would be Yaar yeh toh Pakistan hai, Yahan toh chalta hai yeh…

“Yeh Pakistan hai” the most common phrase we hear these days. People do wrong things and say, yar yeh Pakista hai, yahan sab hota hai, chalta hai. I just want to ask those people that are you from Jupiter?! Aren’t you a Pakistani?

We do things wrong, we make our country’s situation worse and the we ourselves blame country that its not good, rather than blaming ourselves that we are not good with our country. Why don’t we start having a new attitude and start saying that yeh Pakistan hai, aur yahan aisa nahin karne denge. Rather than saying yeh Pakistan hai aur yahan sab chalta hai….We should declare that yeh Pakistan hai aur yahan aisa nahin chalta.

What don’t we have every alternative source of energy? We do have the plenty of mineral resources…Agriculture? This is what Pakistan is famous for….Cricket? We have remained the world champions two times… Food? This is the mostly missed thing by overseas Pakistani…Everything from Kashmir to Tharparkar, from Khyber to Karachi, has a unique goodness, then why do we criticize our country for wrong things, which are actually done by ourselves. It is not the country, which is not good with us, it is we who are not good with country, and build the bad repo of the country.

The outsiders are just waiting to hear something bad about our country and make us target on those particular points and what we are doing is giving them a full opportunity and telling them that yes this is Pakistan therefore everything is done wrong here. Though the fact is something else, which everybody knows, i.e. we are hiding our faults behind the name of our country.

So my request to every Pakistani is that don’t blame Pakistan but claim it….because if we do things wrong and say “Yeh Pakistan hai, yahan sab jaiz hai”. Then obviously others would come here to do wrong things.

Don’t Blame but Claim!!!

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  1. zakir May 18, 2010 at 5:13 AM
    It is very surprising to note that Pakistani's Living Abroad In UK, USA, Kuwait Dubai Etc follow the traffic Rules and Regulations strictly and when they visit Pakistan They forget to the same thing here, also its rather funny to note that even some Foreigners who visit Pakistan don't follow the law and unfortunately give the reply "This is Pakistan anything is possible here" so the law enforcements should be strict as far as implementation of Laws are concerned and they should ensure that Law is equal for Every one
  2. hiba May 18, 2010 at 9:11 AM
    I completely agree with you Zakir!! and labesh.. you raise an excellent point and we as pakistanis should consider this very seriously and make it a habit to do things right!!
  3. tooba May 18, 2010 at 4:34 PM
    exactly! instead of saying that ye pakistan hai yahan sub chalta hai we need to first realize that when we say 'pakistan', we mean US...WE are what pakistan is made if we want to change something,we will have to initiate that ourselves instead of criticising they say 'charity begins at home'...we need to start following that and evetually small changes will lead to a larger and better change
  4. azka rehman May 19, 2010 at 12:47 AM
    Whatever times a country faces, it is due to its people. If Pakistan is facing crises on different arenas; then it is the nation who is responsible. Your topic has become a part of our culture and at individual level we must work to eradicate this attribute.
  5. Akbar Ahmed May 19, 2010 at 1:52 AM
    Labesh has put forward an excellent idea: "Ye Pakistan hai, yehan par aisa nahin chalne daingey ham".
    If this thing gathers momentum, our country which does have all the potential---could really become a super giant---and put the super powers under control.
    No bribery, no corruption, none of the bad things--some of which have been written by Labesh above.
    Labesh I would suggest, write an article on this subject as send it to the various newspapers in English, Urdu, Gujrati. At the outset you may tell the guys that you are not looking for a financial reward from this article but you are doing your bit as a Pakistani---in trying to get this copuntry back on an even keel, thereby leading towards great progress.
    Well done Labesh--the thought expressed by you is a great one!!
    Akbar Ahmed.
  6. Labesh Kumar May 19, 2010 at 10:57 AM
    Thankyou Very much zakir, tooba, hiba, azka ans sir akbar fro your valuable suggestions....
    @ Zakir, Hiba, Tooba & Azka: So True

    @ Sir Akbar: Definitely I would try my level best to include all the valuable commentsand suggestions of u guys and will write an even better article to be published in newspapers....And not only newspapers, wherever applicable I try to say ppl personally that don't blame our country but blame yourself for doing things wrongs and try not to bigarofy our country's image...!!
  7. phatimuah June 20, 2010 at 5:44 AM
    It's high time that we Pakistani's took a stand and did something for this country. It's not just our country, its who we are! and if some one points a finger at Pakistan, they point a finger at us!
    we know that majority of our population is illiterate, but what has our literate lot ever done to bring a change? this is not what the Quaid Dreamt of, not what our ancesters fought for, but is definately what we deserve! if we cant stay faithful to our land, we shouldn't claim. but the sad part is, our country needs us!
  8. Anonymous June 25, 2010 at 5:59 AM
    mein sab kuch manti hn.....likin hamari maadri zaban urdu hai....please aisi jaghoan par urdu boal kar pakistan ki pehchan banein...agar apne aap ko pakistanis kehte hain to pakistan ki maadri zaban istimal karein...shukria:)

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