Tourism in Pakistan

By: Sidra Masood

Rain of colors, the odor of beauty hits the senses of a person as he/she enters the heavens of earth. Tourists are attracted towards this picturesque panorama forming the basis of tourism on a whole. Tourism is the activity or practice of touring different places for pleasure and leisure. In other words it means appreciating the bounties showered upon man.

Tourism is also the business or industry of providing information, accommodation, transportation and other services to tourist either from abroad or from within a country. It forms a major part of tertiary sector of a country. Malaysia for instance pushes this industry forward through proper advertisements to attract tourist that contribute a great deal into its GDP.

Pakistan is also one of the most visited countries of the world. People from around the world come here for its unique culture, food music and people who are very hospitable. Not to be forgotten, are the attractive places that bring a sparkle in the eye for the tourists in Pakistan. It has some of the most attractive mountains ranges and some of the highest mountains peaks around the world. The main cities including Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and small hill stations including Abbottabad, Attock, Murree all are of great interest to the tourists.

Pakistan is a rich country in its own way. It is ancient, along with being modern and competent. It is a salad of historic and cultural sites as well as possessing geographical and environmental diversity. Its varying topographical outline makes it a place not to be left unvisited. Its mosaic pattern of tourist sites freely ranges from the beaches of Karachi to the deserts of Thar and Cholistan, from the lush green plains of Punjab to the majestic and challenging mountains of Hindukush, Himalayas and the Karakoram ranges.

The spicy delicious taste of the food is one of the outstanding qualities of Pakistan. Food lovers are warmly welcomed but surely you must have an eye for different delicacies. Lahore is the best place for food with its famous street, the food street being renowned across Pakistan. The smell of the bar-be-que smoke, the sizzling sound of hot burning steaks and fried spices cannot escape one’s mind. No wonder Lahoris are big eaters, they have tempting food.

Tourism industry in Pakistan is still in a growing process. Today there exist many travel agencies pro
viding packages and arranged tours. Tours are very informative and comprehensive in helping to know Pakistan. The packages include a complete trip to the whole of Pakistan and cultural tours as well. These packages include tours to Multan, Harappa, Bahawalpur, Sukkur, Mohenjo-Daro, Lahore, Karachi and the capital city, Islamabad. These packages will help tourists understand the landscape beauty, culture and food of Pakistan.

The major cities of Pakistan have very well known hotels around the world like Holiday Inn, Pearl Continental Hotel and the Lahore Country Club. Karachi has one of the most famous hotels the Sheraton Hotel. The Best Western Hotel in Islamabad is specially made for the executive class and meets all needs of the businessmen. It has rooms with all the video amenities incase meetings disturbed. Islamabad also has one of the most beautiful spots, Pier Sahawa. It is a place situated at the highest point of Islamabad where two hotels are constructed each possessing a view of the entire city. The specialty of this place is further increased during night, when the scintillations of the city lights with a dark sheet behind are just like bright stars on a clear night sky.

Morning towards the Northern areas increases the charm of Pakistan. The northern areas have their own magnetic power which the tourists surely do not want to miss. The breeze of the mountainous area, the peculiar smell of the unpredictable weather gives a chance to the visitor to see paradise in their lifetime.

Visitors to Pakistan have often noted that in some places of the country you get the feeling that time has come to stand still since ages. Since centuries the women of Hunza wear their same cultural clothes with their distinctive dances. In the gently undulating foothills of the mighty Karakoram and in the middle ranges of the towering Hindu Kush Mountain, there is timeless beauty that is hard to surpass elsewhere. In these two mountain ranges, you can experience a Pakistani version of the mythical Shangrila.

Shangrila Resort is situated at Upper Kachura Lake. It is the most beautiful place of Pakistan with a carpet of lush green trees and various fruit trees. The maintenance is highly checked and any act of interrupting in the natural beauty is strictly prohibited. No one is allowed to prick fresh fruits from the trees neither is anyone given the authority to eat fallen fruits from the trees. Fresh fruits hanging in trees, fruits lying on ground give a refreshing sight to the eyes making them shine with the true natural beauty. Not to keep Shangrila Resort’s worth aside, one night stay at the resort was worth Rs. 40,000 12 years back. What about today is a matter of concern.

On the way to Balakot there is a spot where people specially stop to capture the heavenly scenery. The road was alongside a depth of about 2000feet where river Kanhar flows.

The awe of the depth, the fresh blue colored river, dark chocolate brown mountains iced with lush green sprinkle and clouds hugging you makes one overwhelm with the love of nature. Crossing Balakot one reaches Naran valley. I remember when I visited Naran 12 years back; an announcement was being made there. The roof of a mosque was on the process of being set up. On the announcement every shopkeeper, taxi driver, youth and the old, left their work and went to help without the greed of money but portraying pure cultural unity. Crossing Naran valley is the lake Saif-ul-Mulook situated where not cars but only jeeps are allowed to travel due to its rigid adventurous route. However the fear of the journey fades away in seconds as soon as the eyes capture the view of the lake which reflects the mountains like a clean river.

Murree is another spot not to be missed. On the fabric of lush green meadows nature has bejeweled the mountains of Murree with walnut, pine, oak and maple trees. Hovering clouds play hide and seek with the peaks, veiling and revealing the beauty of the valley.

Abbottabad is a hill station with notoriously unpredictable weather. Heavy showers of rain with mighty thunderstorm today and bright sun waving hello tomorrow is not uncommon here. A small hill station but with emphatic education rates, it is an educational sector, Abbottabad is known to have many schools in town, from the beautiful huge Burn Hall to the well maintained Ayub Medical College. PMA is also situated there. From Abbottabad a journey of 2 hours takes you to Kalabagh, a famous picnic spot where families living nearby always visit on weekends. Kalabagh possesses a spot known as the Green Spot where greenery and amiable monkeys greet you. Kalabagh is the base of Air Force. At a distance of 2km from Kalabagh tourists reach Nathia Gali which welcomes them with its divine green hills of Kashmir all around.

Withstanding the subtle difficulties to get to the scenic northern areas of Pakistan is indeed a dangerous task but the feeling of discovering heaven makes every tedious thing terrific. Pakistan is not inferior to any other top country, with one of the best tourism industries around. From Karachi to the Karakoram Range, Pakistan is beautiful with its picturesque surroundings, be it manmade in the case of southern areas or the natural panorama of the northern areas. Northern areas of Pakistan are just like heaven on earth which helps is noticing the face that God Has shown His existence and bestowed upon us the power of nature.

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